What Is A Reborn Baby?

We often hear the word "reborn" in the doll industry, but what exactly is rebirth? In this introduction to reborn dolls, learn exactly what a reborn doll is, its history and the process of being reborn...

-- What Is A Reborn Baby?

A reborn doll is hand-crafted by reborn doll artists, transforming from a blank kit into a doll that resembles a human infant as realistically as possible. The process, known as Reborning, is time-consuming and extremely detailed, with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands depending on the process and material.

Reborn dolls are usually made from manufactured doll, but they can also be made from blank kits, then hand-carved, painted, and colored. And the basis of these creations, the molds, are made by artists based on real babies with different body types and certain facial expressions. Creativegiftss® produces more than 20 kinds of baby series. After several upgrades and optimization of the mold, we provide better quality reborn doll at the most affordable price.

The original material for reborn dolls was vinyl. As the process developed, the materials became more diverse, the texture became softer and more like a real baby, and the size of the reborn doll increased. Now a full reborn doll can range from a few inches premature to the size of a small child.

-- A Brief History Of The Reborn Doll

Born in the United States in the late 1990s, the reborn doll first appeared to satisfy the needs of doll lovers who were looking for realistic dolls. To some extent, Reborning reflects the realism prevailing at the time by collectors and artists who enhance the authenticity of dolls.

With the development and inclusiveness of The Times, doll artists and collectors have developed the reborn dolls into an online society. In 2002, the first Reborn doll was offered on eBay, and since then the doll has expanded and opened up new markets, spurting out online stores. The creation of the reborn doll online community provides a place for reborn doll lovers and artists to share and increase their engagement.

Manufacturers keep coming up with new technology to make dolls more realistic. The realistic and delicate rebirth of the doll, to meet the needs of different groups of people, maternal love, treatment, companionship, spiritual sustenance, etc., in many Countries in Europe and the United States have enjoyed a high reputation. Today, Reborn Doll has been incorporated into the healing process, has the support of loyal fans, and publishes magazines, books, conferences, and guilds for its loyal followers.

-- The Process Of Reborning A Doll

The process of making the reborn dolls is complex and detail-oriented. Reborners start with doll kits, including heads, arms, legs, cloth bodies, hair, and even eyes and eyelashes. If using a doll that's already painted, Reborners will soak the kit in a chemical solution to remove the original paint finish. Doll kits are already blank with no finish applied.

Reborners then paint the blank kit with dozens of different colors to give it a realistic human skin effect, including veins, folds, spots, nails, lips, fine lines, eyebrows, and more, before baking at a set temperature.

For hair, common methods of making hair include painting, rooting or microrooting. Rooting are done by inserting multiple strands of hair into each socket, while microrooting is one strand per socket, which is the most time-consuming and realistic method. Some Reborners choose wigs according to their needs.

Then, to make sure the doll weighs as much as a real baby, the head and body are filled with appendages, either particles or fibers, to gain weight. Many dolls also have features that simulate a heartbeat and sound, Or with a respirator, or have magnets embedded in their mouths to carry a magnetic pacifier.

Finally, assemble all the doll parts and put on the clothes you want. A complete reborn doll is finished!

From the birth of the reborn doll to the present, new technology and inspiration are constantly injected, allowing artists to maximize their reborn doll to give the most realistic appearance and touch. Of course, it is precisely because of the exquisite details, high technical requirements, ultra-lifelike and irreplaceable role that the Reborn doll can be called exquisite art.

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